The Great Conjunction and how to promote your business online

Charo Pinilla
5 min readDec 23, 2020
The Great Conjunction and how to promote your business online

Unless you’ve been hiding in a cave, you’ve probably heard about the great conjunction and the few other astronomical events that are currently taking place.

First the solstice, the darkest time of the year in the northern hemisphere.

And second the Jupiter — Saturn conjunction in which both planets, from the Earth’s perspective, seem to be a single star, the brightest of the winter night sky

“-But what does all this have to do with me and my business?” — you may ask.

It does because symbolically these cosmic events carry a great significance.

Yes, I know.

It’s a bit weird that I write about astrology… but in a way, it’s nothing more than looking at life through the lens of archetypes. And you know archetypes are totally my thing, don’t you?

S o basically, this is the perfect excuse to engage in a fun experiment that will help you…

1 …look at your business from a fresh perspective — and gain insights you would not see otherwise.

2 …eliminate Inner fictions about marketing yourself, and

3… improve how you promote your business online.

Mirrors, Jung and the symbolic perspective.

For the sake of this experiment, let’s say these two principles are true:

1) “As above so below”, which is just a fancy way of saying that what’s going on outside of us is a reflection of what’s going on inside.

2) Planets are nothing more than astrological archetypes.

By the way, for this experiment to work, it doesn’t matter if you are into astrology or not. The exercise I will soon describe is based on Jungian psychology. And the only requisites for it to work are to keep your mind open and be willing to explore your inner world.


Time for some Active Imagination!

The Cosmic Interview

Imagine this scene. You are entering a surprisingly nice, warm office, filled with natural light and a gorgeous view from the big windows. A big wooden table is in the middle, surrounded with big chairs.

Suddenly you realize there are a couple people already there.
They are respected experts in their topics, and happy to give you their best advice and answer any question you might have.

The topic? How to better promote your business by using the internet (symbolically the realm of Aquarius, where the “meeting-conjunction” is taking place.)

Let me introduce your secret advisors…

The first person you see it’s a wise old man with a stern look in his eyes. His name is Saturn. The Roman God of Boundaries.

He’s a bit too conservative for your taste, but you appreciate his practical, down-to-earth way of running his business.

Saturn loves to follow the rules, and establish new routines that really work. He is also a master of using any available resources in the most efficient way.

Your other mysterious guest is Jupiter, the Roman God of Expansion. Much younger than Saturn, his viewpoint about life and business couldn’t be more different.

Jupiter is all about possibilities, growth, and potential. And his main goal is for you to be successful with your work and what you do.

Lucky you! because both of them are happy to share their expertise and help you find the best online marketing strategy for your business.

The third member of this meeting, of course, it’s you. And your role is key.

You will interview your guests, ask them questions, and take notes of the conversation. And most important of all, you will question their advice if you think something won’t work for your business.

Some practical tips (and a warning) for better results.

First, bring several colored pens and paper, and decide in advance who “writes” with each color, so you will easily know who said what when reviewing your notes.

You can either role play, and make this more realistic, by actually having three seats in real life and “exchanging” seats with them as necessary (some people find this helpful).

Or, you can do this in your mind. Simply close your eyes, imagine the scene, and briefly open your eyes to capture their response on paper as soon as they say something.

So give yourself permission to be playful and please don’t censor anything, write it down whatever comes.

But aren’t you making all this up?

In a sense, yes, you are making this stuff up. But it’s also true that a deeper aspect of you is in charge, guiding you. Those ideas don’t come up from your conscious mind, they come from a deeper source. So trust in the process.

The next thing is…

What should you be asking these advisors?

First set your intention for the meeting. Tell them something like…

“I want to serve a global community of people interested in my work. And I want your help and counsel around what the best strategies, techniques, and tactics would be for me to use next year.”

Remember that it’s very important to also include your own opinions. As Jung would say: “this is a conversation of equals “. After all, you’re in charge and the one who’s going to make the final decision about how you run your business.

Your role is to find the common ground that honors the wisdom of everybody in the “room” and that includes you.

Here are some of the questions you can ask Saturn:

-Am I making the best use of my own resources?
-What can I do to be more productive and efficient?
-What activities will give me better results for my efforts?
-Where do I need to set limits with my time?
-Where do I need to be more structured and down to earth?
-How can I measure the results of my marketing efforts?
-How can I separate myself from others in my field?

These are some questions you can ask Jupiter.

-How can I make my content more uplifting?
-How can I improve my marketing Communications?
-Do I need to bring more optimism to my message?
-How can I better grow my list of subscribers?
-Is there anything that I’ve been overdoing that I need to do less of?
-How can I be more confident when putting myself out there?
-What new marketing channels will be more successful and fulfilling for me?

So this is it.

A very powerful exercise, and the perfect one to play with at this unusual time.

Ready to give this a try? Please let me know if I can help you with this in any way.
Happy exploring!


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