Grow your business with the help of your dreams

Grow your business with the help of your dreams

Running a business involves making decisions. A lot.

-Will it be good to participate in this giveaway?
-What product should I offer next?

Most times deciding it’s not easy. Either we lack enough information, lack enough objectivity, or talk ourselves into something …only to regret it later.

Because relying on our rational minds is not always the best way to figure things out. Fortunately, that’s not the only mind you have access to.

Dreams: Messages from your Deeper Wisdom

Something I’ve learned from my Depth Psychology studies is this:

You are much more than just your rational mind.

There is a deeper wisdom within you, willing to offer you reliable guidance on any topic you can imagine.

My favorite way of accessing this guidance? Pay attention to your dreams

Dreams are messages sent from an aspect of you that Carl Jung called the Self.

You won’t hear this idea of the Self out of Jungian psychology circles; and yet, it’s one of the biggest contributions he made to the understanding of human nature.

Your Higher Self knows your purpose and is always encouraging you to become who you are meant to be. And speaks to you through your dreams

Hence, why I trust them so much.

Using dreams for guidance in your business

One of the biggest obstacles to working with dreams, however -apart from not remembering them- is the question of: How do I know a specific dream is talking about the problem I need guidance on?


Because your inner guidance will make comments about your health, your relationships, your career, and anything under the “moon” -pardon me the pun, but the “sun” didn’t seem to be appropriate here…

The question is: how can you know what the dream is all about?

By focusing your dreaming mind with a Dream Incubation Ritual.

Here is how you do it:

The Dream incubation process

Dream Incubation has been practiced for a long time. It consists of focusing your attention on a specific issue. Your Inner Mentor will notice what’s on your mind during the day and make comments on that via your dreams.

Spend some time during your day thinking about the problem. Do a bit of research, journal about your options, talk it through with a trusted friend.

Right before going to bed, review your notes.

You can even make a temporary decision like: “-Ok, I’ll choose option B”.
Then ask -” Is this choice good for me?”

If you prefer, you can leave it a little bit more open, don’t decide anything yet and simply ask:

“-Which option is the best for me?”

Ask only one question, though. It will make dream interpretation much more precise and to the point.

Tips to remember your dreams

As soon as you wake up, try to recall the images that were in your mind. First, don’t move. Then go back to the body position you had right before awakening.

What memories come to mind? any story?

Run the scene a couple of times in your mind, to fix it into your memory.

Now you can get up, write it in your dream journal, before talking to anybody. (Shss, don’t tell anyone, but one of my fav places to record my dreams is in the bathroom)

You don’t need to engage in dream interpretation at this moment. Go on with your day as usual and leave it for a little later.

In fact, that’s what I’ll do. Leave the explanations on how to interpret your dreams for a future article. (After all, you need some dreams handy to do it).

So enough for now.

Please, try out these steps and let me know how it goes.

As Robert Moss likes to say: “Let your best dream come true!”
With love

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